God is love

My Bubble

Once upon a time there was a “little” princess, she was not of this world. Many called her a day dreamer, who grew to be a woman of faith; therefore consider to be peculiar by many.

Yes, I am a woman of faith. I believe Jesus Christ died in the cross for me and the Holy Spirit lives in me. God's love is within and HE surrounds me, I’m never alone. God is my father and my savior!

In my darkest moments in life, God whispers precious words of love and through his grace HE provides wisdom. When I listen to his word, these bring me comfort, love, and strength to continue the journey.

I consider myself a princess so loved by her beloved father, God almighty. Yes, I’m a  child of God. Hallelujah!

In June 2016, I asked God for the opportunity to share his amazing  love with others. He has been my father, mother and at times all the family I have. His love is real and tangible in my life.  

 JESUS Christ die on the cross and resurrected, so we can have life. My life has been showered by his grace and love, I can't stay quiet any longer and must share my journey with my beloved Father. 

He loves you so much and if you have decided to read this, I know it’s because JESUS has you in for the best gift, LOVE.

with love,